Sport / nature activities nearby

Hiking in and around Domme

Hikers can walk to Domme via the GR 64A or enjoy different hiking trails directly from the campsite. Explanatory maps of the hiking trails, the cycling routes and the greenways are available to you. We organize one hiking trip per week in July and August.

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Canoe base 400m from the campsite!

The campsite is located 400m from the base of canoes, you will discover several tourist sites of the Dordogne (Domme, Roque Gageac, the castle of Castelnaud,
Beynac …). The canoe trip is a must when on holiday in Perigord. Reservations are possible at the campsite.
In high season, every week, we organize a excursion by canoes from the campsite with our animator and our partner Canoës Loisirs.

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